Fundamental features of the hair for the transplant

The characteristic of the hair greatly influence the result of an hair transplant. When we talk about features of the hair we refer to: The...
hair transplant

Hair transplant, an immediate solution to hair loss

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Anatomica Clinic

Clinica Anatomica - 13 years experience with 50,000 international patients Clinica anatomica has been working since 2005 in Istanbul and is highly specialized in baldness...

Dr. Yetkin Bayer

Dr. Emrah Cinik

Active Hair Clinic

Dr. Serkan Aygin



Receding Hairline, let’s take a look at examples and tables.

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loosing my hair

I’m losing my hair – What do I do? Four usefull advices to understand...

The article – I’m losing my hair – includes a series of events that can occur in the variuos cases of Alopecia, Effluvium etc. First...
alopecia due to stress

Alopecia due to stress, which are the causes?

Many people claim to notice a great hair loss during stressfull periods. In these cases we can immediately think about stress alopecia. Altough a sure...
firstduty hair transplant

Hair Transplant In Turkey – My Story

My story before hair transplant in Turkey. Before telling you my story I want to say hello to whoever starts reading my words. I’m First...



Minoxidil, a drug that stimulates hair growth in men and women.

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It is better to take Proscar or Propecia? Finasteride questions

It is better to take Proscar or Propecia? Can Proscar be used against androgenic alopecia? Even if Proscar is not officially approved for the cure of androgenic alopecia,...

Dutasteride, which is the effect on hair?

Dutasteride has been patented by GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK) in order to treat the benign prostatic hypertrophy symptoms. Then, the drug has been put on the market...
hairloss drugs

Hairloss Drugs – Introduction

When we talk about the relation between drugs and hair, we can refer to two well distinguished situations: one in which there is a...



Tricopigmentation is one among the manifold technique nowadays available on the market to fight the sign of hair loss. It is purely aesthetic techniques...


Hair transplant in Turkey. An informed choice.

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applements hair

Applements Hair Supplement – For Hairloss

Finasteride, the most used hairloss drug. Annurca Apple – Applemets Hair. A new cure for hair? The first study about Annurca Apple Applements hair,...
serenoa repens

Serenoa Repens, what is it? Saw Palmetto Supplements

Saw Palmetto, active substace and its effectiveness Saw Palmetto supplements Dosage and effective standardisation Which are the best Saw Palmetto supplements? Conclusions about...
hairloss supplements

Hairloss Supplements

A balanced nutrition keeps us alive and healty, but only who feeds his body with all the nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins...