Tricopigmentation is a technique whose aim is to disguise an hair loss. The most common questions about tricopigmentation, about the treatment, about its duration and about the touch-up sessions are:


  1. a) Is it true that with semi-permanent tricopigmentation I will have to undergo a touch-up session every two months?

Absolutely not. Milena Lardì, Beauty Medical technical director, states that the tricopigmentation touch-ups are carried out around every six months/one year from the date of the last session.

Performing touch-up sessions every two months the phenomenon of overcovering would occur and the result would be totally unnatural.

At the end of this article it will be possible to see some pictures about different phases of tricopigmentation:

  • Pre-treatment;
  • Pre-third session;
  • Pre-touch up sesson after six months from the third session.

In the specific case, you will notice that after six months from the last session the coverage level is optimal. In this case, the patient could have waited even more, up to one year.

About my experience, I can tell you for sure that one touch up session every six months is more than enough to keep an optimal coverage level.

It has to be underlined the fact that our answers and my experience are based on the tricopigmentation treatments performed following the Beauty Medical protocol.


  1. b) How will the tricopigmentation treament be between the second and the third session?

In the following photos we can see how the treatment is before the third session (after one month from the second, when the skin has already healed). Every kind of skin can react differently and there are many factors that can have a bad influence on the pigment in the short term.


  1. c) Are we sure that when I’ll see my friends they will not realise that I underwent a tricopigmentation?

The users that ask this question usually are very young and wish to pass from long hair to shaved hair or need to change their camouflage strategy.

If a client uses dermatch, toppik, volluma, hairtick etc (products to mask the hair loss) the necessity to go back to the society with a normal hair condition brings him to insist with the operator, that so has to carefully calibrate the expectations while always giving the maximum quality possible.

The most experienced tricopigmentists have the possibility to calibrate the coverage level and mark the dots more, so increasing the density from the very first time, but always remaining within safe limits. This system however cannot be exaggerated because with a too high pression or frequency, abnormal enlargments can occur. Patches may appear if the density is too much increased reducing the distance between the dots from the first session.

Pay always attention to what you ask, the techniques have limits and your expectations need to be realistic.


Beauty Medical today proposes the pictures of the different phases of a tricopigmentation shaved effect treatment:

  • The first pre-treatment pictures go back to October 2014.
  • Then, the pictures pre-third session go back to November 2014.
  • Pre-touch up in July 2015.
  • Pre-touch up in January 2016.

The pre-touch up pictures have been taken to show the real situation without treating the area before the picture.

Please take a look at the pre-third session pictures, since they are very often required.








PRE MANTENIMENTO, gennaio 2015