Toppik is a system that allows to hide hair thinning in a few seconds.

It is composed of keratin microfibers designed to be aesthetically compatible with human hair.

The jar needs to be shaked in order to electrostatically charge the microfibers. This way, they will perfectly stick to the hair during the application.

This is a fundamental feature of this kind of product that differs from dermatch and couvrè in the way it is used. These products have to be applied on the skin, and not on the hair, to give a good effect. Always remeber that the natural result is the main aim.


Which aesthetic advantages can Toppik give?

The first advantage of Toppik is that it deposits on the skin reducing the chromatic contrast between the hair and the skin. Imagine a grass covered of leaves during a fall day, the effect is pretty the same. The thinning will be less visible on the scalp.

The second advantage is that Toppik sticks to the present hair. This way it can guarantee an immediate coverage, optically stregthening the hair. In this case, immagine that some leaves are added on a tree. The result is a volume increase, faking an abundant mass.


Immediate psychological help to the patient

The most appreciated feature of Toppik (Keratin microfibers) is its immediacy. You can wake up in the morning and hide the thinning in less than one minute. The psychological aspect is very important especially for those people whose thinning is pretty recent.


Surgery and dermatology, which is the approach to the concealers?

Toppik is widely suggested by the dermatologists while waiting for the pharmacological cures to work.

Surgeons suggest to use Toppik too when you want to wait for hair to grow after the surgery. In this case (from the second/fourth month after the transplant) it can be used without any problem.


Tricopigmentation and Toppik, what do experts think about it?

This kind of camouflage seem to be very appreciated by those who then decide to undergo a tricopigmentation treatment. Milena Lardì suggests to totally stop using Toppik at least 15 days before the treatment or to wash the area where it is applied for at least 30 days every night.

These indications must be followed to let the tricopigmentation treatment correctly stabilise in the short term.

This short review was written to let you understand which could be the possible positive effects of this kind of product.

We will also write a review focused on the negative effects of Toppik, that occur especially during the first applications.

For futher information about alternatives to Toppik, search something about K-Max.