A balanced nutrition keeps us alive and healty, but only who feeds his body with all the nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts is feeding himself properly. In fact, the organism needs all of these elements to allow its matebolism to work perfectly. About the minerals and the vitamins for hair, since the body cannot produce them by itself, their presence inside the organism totally depends on the assumption of food that contain them.



Vitamines and mineral salts for hair are organic substances essential for life and for the growth. Since they are organic catalyst, some vitamins and mineral salts play their role during the enzymatic reactions, by tranforming themselves into physiologically active compounds: the coenzymes, that are the active group of many enzymatic systems where some vitamins and mineral salts check the structural integrity of the cells. Another essential function is to influence the synthetis processes of some hormones and antibodies. Vitamins and mineral salts must be assumed in an adequate quantity, otherwise some deficiency diseases and matebolic disorders may occur. For a perfect physical and psychic efficiency it is essential to have the right concentrations of vitamins and mineral salts inside the body, so that the chemical reactions and the enzymatic systems can work correctly both for the energetic phenomena and for the biosynthetic ones.



Unfortunately, fruit and vegetable, the natural source of mineral salts and vitamins, after the harvest are kept for a long while before arriving to our tables, and so lose many vitamins. Since mineral salts and vitamins are very vulnerable elements, they are destroyed while cooking. Therefore, it is often necessary to integrate our daily diet with vitamin preparations in order to maintain a healty constitution.

About this, a role is played by food hair supplements. They are prepared to be taken by mouth and provide vitamins, amino acids and minerals that the body needs due to temporary deficiencies or to compensate for an improper diet.

Not all the supplements have the same function and it is therefore important to understand which are the need of every single case. For a good health of the hair, the most usefull supplements are composed of amino acids necessary for the synthetis of keratin (the protein that composes hair), such as cistein, metionin or minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, magnesium and vitamins such as C , E , B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, B3; of course, it does not make any sense to use a random supplement thinking that it will be effective regardless of its composition.

The supplements have to be used in particular cases and with the ideal composition for the specific shortage to treat. Their use is particularly indicated when a hair loss increases due to a persistent state of psycho-physical stress, long and debilitating diseases or very drastic diets.



There is a sure link between nutrition and hair loss. Our hair and nails often reflect our nutrition and lifestyle. When we are stressed and tired or when our diet is less balanced, our hair appears dull, brittle and our nails break down.

The cells that generate the hair need essential elements to produce the fiber: vitamins, amino acids and oligoelements. Therefore, most of the hair supplements offer cocktails that can preserve the vitality of the hair. Yet, if most of the elements act on the tone and on the quality of the hair, only a small number of them can show a real anti-fall effectiveness.

Food supplements strengthen hair from the inside and contribute to the growth of strong and full-bodied hair. Sometimes are usefull in the cases of hereditary falls, in the cases of slight falls at the initial level and can be an alternative to drugs. They can also help the action of topical treatments (lotions, sprays, shampoos). In case of a persistent fall, they can also be used as a complement to a pharmacological treatment.