It is better to take Proscar or Propecia? Can Proscar be used against androgenic alopecia?

Even if Proscar is not officially approved for the cure of androgenic alopecia, can it be used in order to reduce the DHT level?

Finasteride is the generic name of the substance both used in Propecia and in Proscar, two drugs produced by the pharmaceutical company Merck.


What is Propecia?

Propecia is a 1 mg pill of Finasteride. It has to be taken daily in order to treat androgenic alopecia. Proscar is a 5 mg pill of Finasteride that has to be used daily in order to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and other prostatic pathologies due to the androgens.


Proscar or Propecia? – The costs

Considering the cost for every mg of substance, Propecia pills are more expensive that Proscar, even if they include the same substance, Finasteride.

Propecia, that contains 30 pills of 1 mg, costs 56 euros, so this is the amount to spend in order to take it for a month. Since 2007 a big pack is available. It contains 84 pills and costs around 150 euros. The price for every single pill is a little bit lower, but still we are distant from the price of Proscar.

Proscar, that contains 15 pills of 5 mg, that have to be divided into 4 or 5 parts, costs 10 euros. So, with this amount we can obtain 60/75 days of treatment, depending on how you divide the pill.

Nowadays, it is possible to find in the pharmacies some generic versions of Propecia and Proscar. The generics of Propecia (Carefinast, Fincapil etc.) cost around 38 euros, instead of 56 euros. The big pack (84 pills) costs 100 euros intead of 150 euros. The generic versions of Proscar cost 8 euros instead of 10 euros.


Proscar or Propecia? – Pay attention to the division of the pills

In the countries in which Propecia is not approved for sale, but where insted Proscar is available, this last one is prescribed by the dermatologists in order to treat androgenic aloepecia. It is recommended to use a specific cutter for pills (that allows you to cut them in 4 pieces). A quarter of a Proscar pill per day is the correct dosage to assume. Even if a Proscar pill cointains 5 mg of Finasteride and the suggested dosage is 1 mg per day, the pill has to be cut in four parts because some of it gets lost during the cut. Only if you are very precise with the cut you can divide the pill in 5 parts.


Proscar or Propecia? – A matter of saving

The idea of dividing the Proscar pills was common in the UK, in Germany, in Canada and in other countires before Propecia has been approved for sale. Once Propecia become available, dermatologists started to prescribe Propecia instead of Proscar, following the law.

The increase in the cost of Finasteride has been hard to accept for many users. Some people today try to get Proscar without turning to their dermatologists in order to save money. We remind you that it is illegal to buy drugs online hoping to avoid the problem.