Every week I receive the same question several times: how long does the tricopigmentation last? Can we really consider it to be reversible? Is the fading natural or does it cause patches?


As you know, I underwent a tricopigmentation treatment in a specific sensible period of my life.

Since I’m on the Forum very often it usually happens that some users ask me: how long does the tricopigmentation last?

Today, I saw particular case:

A guy that underwent a temporary tricopigmentation still has some traces of the treatment. This was my answer:


How long does the tricopigmentation last? Why didn’t it go away?


Answer to the Bellicapelli forum:

Hi guys,

I answer because I personally underwent this kind of treatment and I had the chance to see on me how does the pigment behave. In my case, the level of disappearance was:

– 30% of the coverage during the first year.

– 70% of the coverage during the second year.

– It took at least 3 years, in my case, for it to totally disappear.


The process is slow but inexorable. For sure, it depends on the amount of inoculated pigment.
I personally experienced that  the more is the pigment the more time is required to make it disappear.

In some areas (where I had more treatments since hairless) the time for it to disappear has been much longer. I often read that on some guys it totally fades in around 6 months.

The cases like yours are rare and a longer duration of the pigment occur.

My advice is to contact your trusted operator and ask how to speed up the process.

If it bothers you, you can ask for a light correction so that the left period reduces or evaluate with the technician if it possible to speed up the fading process with an external stimulation (treatment with clean needle). Another solution is to completely change idea and restore a new tricopigmentation.