Dr. Victor Hasson | The over 4000 units pioneer

Member of ISHRS, is able to operate both with strip & FUE surgical techniques at the Hasson & Wong clinic in Vancouver.

Excellent surgeon and strongly oriented to efficiency, is, together with Dr. Jerry Wong, a pioneer for more than 4000 units megasessions carried out and is famous to have managed more than 7500 hair transplant operations on patients with very different features, such as ethnicity and hair type.


Dr. Hasson’s approach – one session, maximum result

A great final result in just one surgical session: this is Dr. Hasson’s philosophy of efficiency. In this way, we not only reduce the number of sessions but also the patient recovery time and allows hairs to regrowth in a natural way.

At Dr. Hasson & Wong’s clinic, they carry out up to 4500 follicular units per intervention per day and more than 5000 follicular units megasessions are performed once a week. In one case, a patient even reached 9000 follicular units: record reached.


Career and collaboration with Dr. Jerry Wong

Born and raised in Harare, Zimbawe then he moved to South Africa, in Cape Town where he graduated with honors in Medicine in 1984.

He gained experience as a general practitioner for more than 6 years and then, in 1993, he studied for a new specialization in some transplant centers in Canada in order to obtain the surgical sector know-how related to baldness problems.

After learning from famous specialists like Dr. Limmer and dr. Rassman, in 1997 he started to collaborate with his colleague Dr. Jerry Wong with whom he finally opens his own clinic.

We owe Dr. Hasson the Hasson Cutter invention, one of his creations which is not very invasive for post-operation signs and is also able to engrave with extreme precision.

Thanks to this tool, since 2002, together with Dr. Wong, he introduced the lateral slit technique: using specific blades, the incision size is exactly the same of the follicular unit to be grafted and thus fits perfectly to the scalp.

Starting from 2005, Dr. Victor Hasson collaborates actively and is a member of Bellicapelliforum.