Who is he:  Dr. Serkan Aygin, pioneer in Turkey for hair transplantation techniques, is considered one of the greatest surgeons specialized in hair transplantation techniques in the world thanks to the great results achieved over time and the success of his interventions.

Biography: Born in 1968 and graduated in Medicine in 1991 at Capa Istanbul University, Dr. Serkan Aygin successfully obtained a specialization in Pharmacology and dermatology at the Vakif Gureba Hospital. After that, he decided to study and deal with baldness issues by applying innovative surgical solutions for hair transplantation.

After experimenting the first autotransplant interventions with the strip technique (FUT), he decided to focus on a less invasive but surely efficient technique: the monobulbar autotransplantation (FUE).

Convinced by the effectiveness and excellent results obtained with the latter technique, he began to carry out his activity throughout Turkey but also abroad, becoming one of the most qualified and well-known surgeons in different countries around the world.

After he met Dr. Kosan, in 2001 the Med Hair clinic is born, which, since 2013, has been managed entirely by Dr. Aygin taking its name: the “Dr Serkan Aygin clinic”.



Talking about results, Dr. Aygin clinic boasts megasessions with more than 4000 follicular units performed with FUE technique carried out by a skilled technicians team supervised by Dr. Aygin and also from 15 to 20 hair transplants per day.

The innovative extraction tool used, the so-called Trillix, allows the extraction process to take place as quickly as possible; in fact, thanks to its diameter, which can vary between 0.6 and 0.8 mm, it allows a residence time reduction of the follicular units outside the body.

A great strength is certainly the price: not only there is the possibility to be supported by an Italian travel agency to organize transfers in Turkey but the intervention costs are also very low: they are based on the actual work time spent rather than on the number of follicular units extracted.

Dr. Aygin is available to meet patients interested in hair transplantation for free to discuss all the details about the surgical intervention.