Dr. Jerry Wong | Specialist in fue & strip – biographical notes

Graduated in Medicine in 1973 at the University of Alberta Canada, he served for a long time as general practitioner at a Maple Ridge British Columbia hospital.

His strong interest in microsurgery for hair transplantation led him to attend Dr. Marzola’s hair transplant surgery school in Australia in 1992; here he started to explore complex surgery like brow lift, flaps rotation and scalp reduction; thanks to these skills, he was then able to perform very complex surgeries.

He took part in 1993 to the first and most important international events in the sector, the “International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery” in Dallas, and, during the same year, he started his career in baldness surgery.

After different conferences, he discovered the critical issues of the sagittal incision technique used at the time, which did not allow the direction and angle in which the transplanted hair would grow to be controlled and, moreover, it led to an unnatural result: there was, in fact, a discrepancy between the grafted hairs perpendicularly to the scalp and the pre-existing (indigenous) hairs with a different and defined exit point.

This observation led Dr. Wong to the use of the “lateral slit”, who decided to practice incisions in a lateral (perpendicular) way to replace the sagittal incision technique chosen at the time.


Dr. Hasson & Wong Clinic: from lateral slit to more than 5000 units megasessions

A simple but impactful discovery like this, has allowed surgeons to modulate hairs exit direction but also to be able to choose the desired grafts hairs direction, simply by moving the scalpel handle in a certain way.

The lateral slit technique has given, from its discovery, the possibility to have a pleasant and natural aesthetic result.

Another important step in Dr. Wong’s career is the opening, in 1997 and together with his colleague Dr. Hasson, of the Hasson & Wong clinic. Right here, he keeps to carry out remarkable interventions with more than 5000 follicular units megasessions every week and to improve technically more and more.

Besides to having partecipated to the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery foundation, he was honored in 2011 for his crucial role in the sector by his colleagues with the Golden Follicle award.

During the last years, he has focused on the FUE technique in order to improve its effectiveness more and more and contribute to its progress.