Dr. Koray | Methodology: Manual punch and coverage value

Talking about Dr. Koray’s methodology, coverage value and area homogenization concepts play an important role: the first is useful to consider the current starting point and the arrival point (always in terms of coverage) in order plan the complete draw in the best way; being the ratio between hairs calibration average and hair density per square centimeter, it allows us to khow much and how to proceed during the extraction session.

Moreover, Dr. Koray is well known for manual punch only use, in his opinion, it involves several advantages: better healing process, a statistically greater regrowth and a reduction in the transection rates as well as a greater modulation in punch direction in case of follicular transection.

Currently, Dr. Koray is recognized, together with his team, to be one of the greatest surgeons to use remarkably innovative techniques and be the first to carry out FUE megasessions with more than 5000 grafted units per single operation.

Since 2005, he actively collaborates with Bellicapelliforum.


Biographical references

With Turkish origins, Erdogan Koray was born in 1968 in Bursa-Gemlik.

Completed his degree in medicine at the University of Haccettepe (Ankara), he continued his path at the Marmara University of Istanbul studying at the Thoracic Surgery faculty and practicing in a Coronary Intensive Care Unit.

His own clinic, the Istanbul ASMED, was born in 2001 collaborating with his first assistant, Dilek Cakir.

After several experiments with strip and fue operations, starting from 2004 he focused on the latter and, since 2006, he created a new innovative extraction technique called “DES”


DES: a sequential technique with speed and quality

DES technique, also called “sequential technique” combines a great follicular extraction speed with a good final result: holding the tweezers in one hand and the punch in the other, the incision can be made with both hands extracting quickly the follicular units.

In order to have a great directional and angular control and reduce scalp trauma as much as possible, Dr. Koray prefers lateral slit technique.