Dr. Bijan Feriduni | a constantly updated professional team

Dr. Feriduni is one of the major highly specialized surgeons in hair transplant interventions with strip and fue techniques. Morever, he stands out in being specialized in burn patients treatment, eyelash and eyebrow transplantation and also in beard and mustache reconstruction.

Always up to date with the news, he offers his patients a large number of beauty treatments with innovative techniques, supported by his highly specialized team; Dr. Feriduni’s team is made up of 7 highly skilled and internationally trained specialists who have been working with him from 5 to 17 years.

Training has, in fact, a crucial role: every assistant regularly attends new courses and workshops around Europe and in the rest of the world, thus having the opportunity to interface with the most important clinics both in Europe and in the United States.


Career and specialization: excellence in fue & strip tecniques

With german origins, Dr. Bijan Feriduni was born in Wiesbaden.

His father was a doctor, so, after graduating, he chooses to enroll in the faculty of medicine at the johann wolfgang goethe-universität.

He began his career in surgery in 1993 working at the hospital in Heppenheim, germany.

He obtained a doctorate in medicine in 1994 and he worked as surgical assistant for 2 and a half years.

The following year, in 1995, he started to work as trainee medical surgeon and enriched his experience in the field of aesthetic medicine by working in different european clinics.

After gaining a good experience, he then decided to open his clinic “Dr. Feriduni hair clinic ”in Hasselt, belgium.

Starting from 2010, he collaborates with Bellicapelliforum.


The importance of surgeon-patient dialogue

“Only an informed patient is able to make the correct choice” stands Dr. Bijan feriduni. According to him, too often patients needs, although not really achievable and far from reality, are supported by surgeons; the best choice is to find the right balance between patient expectations and obtainable results, giving all the useful information to choose the right path.

Thanks to his philosophy, his experiential background and the his high specialization, he is now one of the major surgeons in Europe.