Where is it possible to find hair loss products that can instantly improve the aesthetic appearance of the hair?

It is very easy. These products can be found on the internet, in some perfume shops or in hair products professional shops. They are called “hair concealers” and are used to hide hair thinning or just to hide shining areas of the scalp. In a few moments they can give a better appearance to both male and female hair.

Many types of them can be found. There are microfibers powders that easily anchor to the exhisting hair giving a good coverage and a fuller look to the hair. There are paste products, which were sold during the nineties as a magic product and were also called “cream to clean the shoes”. We do not recommend this kind of products because they tend to get dirty more than the others. Then, there are specific sprays for thinned hair. They are very common, but they tend to get dirty too. We suggest to use them only when you go to the seaside, since they are waterproof.

Therefore, in a few seconds we can find ourselves with much thicker hair and the one who uses them can regain the lost self-confidence and see himself as a new person. Don’t forget that also this kind of products can cause addiction, we think it is important to underline this aspect.

The easiest products to find on the market are: Cottonfix Hair fibers Make Up, Super Million Hair, Fully. They all have different shades in order to match correctly with the user’s hair. Moreover, they all have a good seal against wind, sweat and also rain (unless it is a waterfall). A simple rain will do nothing to your hair.

For a stronger seal it is possible to use hair spray, available under differend brands. This would solve many other issues.

We did not focus on the paste products and on the anti-thinning sprays because we think the best solution to be hair fibers, easier to use and with a very competitive price. Regarding the brand, in addition to those we already mentioned there are many more. They all work pretty well, the main difference is in the price.

I really hope our advices to be usefull.



Toppik is a fast system to hide hair thinning. It is composed of keratin micro fibres, developed

to aesthetically simulate human hair.When shaken, the micro-fibres get electrostatically charged and can therefore anchor to the hair during the application of the product.

The first advantage of toppik is the fact that it reduces the chromatic contrast between hair and skin. It reduces the perception of the empty areas of the scalp. The second advantage is that toppik anchors to the hair thus optically thickening the hair shafts. The hair volume increases and the mass looks bigger. The main advantage of toppik is therefore the immediacy. The psychological contribution is important, especially for those people whose hair loss has just started.


Toppik and dermatologists

Toppik is widely recommended by dermatologists while waiting for pharmacological cures to

give the desired result. Also surgeons recommend toppik after a hair transplant while waiting for transplanted hair to grow back.


Toppik and tricopigmentation

This kind of camouflage is appreciated by many clients who request a tricopigmentation

treatment. Milena Lardì recommends that the client stops using it at least 15 days before the

treatment or that they wash every night the area where toppik is applied for at least 30 days.

These indications have to be respected so that the tricopigmentation treatment can stabilize

in the short term.



While toppik is used to camouflage hair loss with long hair, for those who want to cut their

hair to less than a centimeter there are two possibilities: couvré and dermatch.

Dermatch looks like a foundation cream contained in a round package. Thanks to a sponge,

the product can be applied in the empty area. The aim is, like in case of make up, to darken

the area and to make the colour look as similar as the hair colour as possible.


Unlike toppik, dermatch is quite resistant to water and rubbing.

As in the case of toppik, it is necessary to stop using dermatch 15 days before the tricopigmentation treatment or to remove it every night for 30 nights before undergoing the

treatment. The risk is that the pigment doesn’t stabilize in the short term.

Dermatch can be used together with toppik and other camouflage systems to improve

coverage. Couvré looks like a coloured paste contained in a stick. It can be applied like dermatch and the result is very similar, as well as the resistance to water and rubbing. It is the best option for those who want a shaved look.