1. Annurca Apple – Applemets Hair. A new cure for hair?

    The food plays a foundamental role for the health of the scalp and of the hair. The experts keep on underlying the importance of a rich, varied and healty diet in order to guarantee a general wellness and balance of the organism.

    The researchers of the Federico II University of Naples have recently carried out a study. As a consequence of the many experimental evidences about the effects of the Annurca Apple on the organism, the experts found out that this fruit in able to reduce the hair loss in the patient who have cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, which causes alopecia.Other studies are still being carried out in order to understand if the same effects apply to the people affected by androgenic alopecia. It is a very important research, since there are lots of men and women, of any age, who suffer from hair loss.

    On the market there already are some supplements that contain Annurca Apple. Applemets Hair is an hair supplement that belongs to the nutraceutical category. It is made of natural elements able to apport benefits to the organism.

  1. The first study about Annurca Apple

    The deparment of pharmacy at the university of Naples has guided a trial, in collaboration with the consortium of the Annurca apple PGI, in order to understand which are the effects of procianidina B2, a substance present in this kind of apple, on the scalp of males and females.

    The study, called AppleMets, has shown that procianidina B2 is able to block hair fall and to favour its regrowth.

    The individuals taken under exam were man and women who were undergoing chemotherapy cycles. It is known that one of the side effects of the chemotherapy is the hair loss. This condition is for sure one of the most disturbing for the patients at a psychological level.

    Some components of the Annurca Apple have shown to be beneficial for the hair in healty patients. If a big amount of these components is given to the patients of the chemotherapy starting from around 30 days before undergoing the chemotherapy until the end of it, in some cases the hair loss can be blocked.

    This intuition was born because some cancer patients that were using Arrunca Apple supplements in order to reduce the level of cholesterol saw a much minor hair loss than the other patients. Sometimes hair did not fall at all.

  1. Applements hair, a solution for androgenic alopecia?

    Many studies are still being carried out. It will be necessary to understand specifically which are the qualities of the extract that make it effective and which kinds of alopecia it can cure. For example, can it cure androgenic alopecia, the most common one?

    It seems that Applemets Hair is able to favour the anagen phase, the phase in which the hair grows, and to favour an increase of the hair diameter, thanks to an acceleration in the cheratine production.

    In order to prove this benefits, the department of pharmacy of the University of Naples is guiding in vitro and also on 250 healty people with a moderate alopecia tests. For 60 days, a small group of individuals underwent an Applemets cure and another gruop took a placebo. The results are heartening.

    The first reports show a 100% increase in the number of hair every cm2 and a 30% increase of the hair weight, thanks to the increased quantity of keratin. Since the results are so great, a possibility of incurring in hirsutism (an abnormal growth of hair in areas in which it normally does not grow) is not to exclude. However, the results of the trial have not shown this phenomenon.

    Of course, these results are surprising and the users of specialised blogs and forums look forward to read the full results.

  1. Annurca Apple benefits for the hair

    The active substance of Applemets Hair is the Annurca apple PGI from Campania. This kind of apple is rich of oligometric procianidins and natural polyphenols of the bioflavonoid class.

    It seems that procianidina B2 is a safe and effective element to improve hair growth.

    Among the elements of the Annurca Apple we also remind zinc, biotin and selenium. These all are very good for the health of the scalp.

  1. Applemets Hair composition

    Here below the composition of the supplement:

    • 400 mg Annurca Apple PGI from Campania (scientific name Malus pumila Miller cultivar Annurca) dry procianidinic extract;
    • 10 mg Zinc
    • 55 mcg Selenium
    • 0,05 mg Biotin
  1. How to use the supplement

    The experts recommends to take 1 pill every day on an empty stomach. However, the study of the University used 2 pills every day.

    The Department of health has established a maximum limit for the assumption of polyphenol. The 2 pills dosage is way under that limit.

  1. Why the Arrunca apple from Campania?

    The Arrunca Apple PGI from Campania has a 4 times higher concentration of polyphenols than other apples. That is why the experts focused on this type.

    The reason of this feature is the modality of ripening of the apple, that is done on the ground. In addition to this, these apples are constantly controlled and tested in order to select only those that have the required characteristics.

  1. Is it the same to directly eat the Annurca Apple?

    Since the active substance of the supplement is included in the fruit, many people think that eating the apple can bring the same benefits.

    However, we have to consider that the amount of proacinidic extract included in a Applemets Hair pill is the same of 3 apples. Consequentially, in order to assume the same amount of extract it would be necessary to eat 6 apples every day for 2 months.

    Another element to remember is that the Annurca apple extract is encapsulated in malodestrine and that the pills are gastro-resistant in order to allow a perfect absorption of the active substance by the intestine.

    To conclude, it would be complex to replace the supplement with the apples.

  1. Futher benefits of Annurca Apple

    The Annurca Apple is able to provide several benefits to the organism. It is highly nutritional thanks to the high amount of vitamines, in particular B1, B2, PP and C, and of minerals, in particular iron, potassium and phosphorous.

    Thanks to the great amount of fibers it can regularise the intestinal functions, so it is recommended for babies and old people.

    The use of this kind of apple is also recommened for patients who has dyabetes.

    A research of the Department of pharmacy of Naples, pubblished on the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, showed the effectiveness of the Annurca Apples in order to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. At the same time, eating the fruit will increase the levels of good cholesterol. For this purpose, on the market is available Applemets HDL, a version of the supplement specifically studied in order to reduce the cholesterol. For this reason, it only contains prociandines extract and an extract of sweet american potato and so it does not contain zinc, biotin and selenium, which instead are added in the Applemets Hair specifically for the benefits for the hair.

    In general we can say that the Annurca Apple is a functional food, able to favor a good prevention capacity against cardiovascular heart attack.

  1. Where can I buy Applemets Hair?

    Applemets Hair can be purchased only in the pharmacies of Lazio and Campania (italian regions), but most of them sell it also online. It is likely that in a short time all the pharmacies of Italy will sell Applemets hair.

    The price of the product is now 21,90 € for 30 pills. At the beginnin there were no similar alternatives, however now we can find on the market some cheaper but still valid alternatives. In particular we remind Vitaminity Apple Extract.

  1. Can Applemets Hair really fight hair loss?

    We think that it is important to underline again that this supplement cannot substitute a pharmacological therapy prescribed by a tricologist for the treatment of hair loss. It is important to avoid interrupting taking drugs just because you start taking Applemets hair. At least we have to wait until all the results of the studies will be pubblished and the situation will be clearer.

    For sure, the product attacks hair loss from a different point than Minoxidil and Finasteride, so it can be considered a good complement for the drugs. Applemets Hair can be a weapon to fight against hair loss, that, as we know, is a multifactorial condition and so hard to resolve.

    Our advice is to turn to a trusted tricologist in order to establish a controlled and effective action plan, protecting one’s hair and whole body too.