Active hair clinic – 20 years experience for our patient

Founded 20 years ago, Active Hair clinic is extremely advanced: 2 general hospitals and 3 private clinics with more than 800 operators.

Since its opening in 2010, it has hosted patients from all over the world by providing an high-level experience and methodologies.

Our clinic offers to patients 10 years experienced specialists, always involved to supervise every operation carried out and constantly up-to date technologies.


Contacts and reservations- where we are

The Active hair clinic is located in Via del Fiumicello, nº7 Naples, Italy

Free visit and consulting by appointment

All details and information required on the complete hair regrowth process will be provided to interested patients.

If you are looking for free appointment booking or consulting, please contact Feride, Clinic International Representative at: (+90) 5051803677 (also available on Whatsapp) or by email:


Available services: what we do

Our clinic is specialized in micro Fue technique, which can also be performed with the use of sapphire blades, and in DHI technique transplantation. There is also the possibility to provide services as women hair trasplant and beard and mustache for men.

We also operate with TDF (two days fue) transplantation technique.

How it works: patients normally need a 5,0000 bulbs maximum quantity; if the patient  would need a larger number of bulbs and has got a rich donor area, TDF transplantation should be the best choice.

It takes place in two consecutive days in which the thinned area is populated in one time as much as possible avoiding a second surgical session later.


All inclusive package formula


  • Seating up to 5000 bulbs at a time
  • Total and guaranteed coverage
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma)
  • post-intervention treatment KIT: spray, shampoo, medicines, hat, neck pillow, etc.
  • 2 nights stay with full board included
  • All transfers between airport, clinic, hotel
  • Translation service
  • Free consultations and appointments after the operation

Not included: return flight to Istanbul

Free advice available to help you find the best flights according to your needs


3 days program:A 3 days personalized program will be organized after the travel tickets purchase as follows:– On the first day, you will arrive in Istanbul and will be accompanied by our driver to the Hilton Hotel where you will freely decide how to spend your evening- On the second day, at 9:00 you will meet our driver who will drive you from the hotel directly to the clinic. After some blood tests, we will give you all the information needed and the intervention will begin. How the intervention takes place:The intervention is carried out in three main phases:• First phase: extraction process– Micro FUE technique applied with punch from 0.05 to 0.008mm in diameter and micro motor- In order to obtain a great precision and avoid bulbar damages, special punches are used according to the hair thickness • Second phase: root canal opening– Pre-implantation canal opening- Use of specific techniques to obtain an extremely natural hairline result • Third and final phase: bulbar transplantation– In order to have an omogeneous and aesthetically natural result, bulbs will be implanted individually with great precision – On the third and final day, you will be brought back to the hotel and then to the airport by our driver which is totally available for your requests  Our clinic is customer-satisfaction oriented so we work for top results with dedication and commitment for every patient.